Vegan Tomato Sushi Launches in New York City

Vegan Tomato Sushi Launches in New York City

Tuna alternative will be featured in new dishes at all 14 locations of grab-and-go chain Fresh & Co.


Vegan company Tomato Sushi partnered with New York City-based fast casual eatery Fresh & Co. to create four dishes featuring vegan tuna. Tomato Sushi’s premier product is a tomato-based tuna replacement—made with just tomatoes, soy sauce, vinegar, and water—and the brainchild of Certified Master Chef James Corwell. Corwell was inspired to make a plant-based alternative to endangered bluefin tuna during his visit to Japan. He created four dishes—a “poke” salad with quinoa, avocado and cucumber, salad with pineapple, seaweed and quinoa, a quinoa-based grain bowl, and a collard greens wrap—for Fresh & Co. “[Our] mission is to support sustainability of the oceans, protect wildlife, and create a world where people can experience the delicious culinary tradition of sushi without harming the oceans,” Tomato Sushi parent company Ocean Hugger Foods CEO David Benzaquen says. In addition to Tomato Sushi, vegan companies have been successful in tackling the issue of providing an animal-free alternative to fish as evidenced by Google’s interest in offering vegan shrimp by New Wave Foods at all of their company cafeterias. Tomato Sushi will be available at all 14 locations of Fresh & Co. starting October 11.

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