Vegetarian Eatery to Open in Seattle Airport

Thanks to Café Flora, layovers in the rainy city are about to get sunnier.


Seattle vegetarian mainstay Café Flora will open its outpost Floret at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Floret will be located between terminals A and B in an 1,800 square foot space adorned by windows that look out onto the runway. The 60-seater restaurant’s menu will feature dishes from the 25-year-old Café Flora menu, as well as more travel-friendly to-go options, vegan-friendly desserts, and breakfast baked goods such as cinnamon rolls. Construction of Floret will begin in March, 2017 and opening day is scheduled sometime before mid-September. Once open, Floret will be the first vegetarian restaurant at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and one of only a handful of vegetarian (and vegan-friendly) sit-down airport eateries nationwide. For those traveling through Los Angeles International Airport, there is an all-vegan eatery Real Food Daily located at Terminal 4.

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