15k Say No to New Factory Farm, 2 Say Yes

15k Say No to New Factory Farm, 2 Say Yes

Plans for a chicken factory near York, England is shot down by residents due to environmental, health, and animal welfare concerns.


Plans for a factory farm that would raise 288,000 chickens on a four acre-plot were recently submitted to the City Council of York. In addition to 6,764 signatures on a petition against the construction of the farm, 7,732 letters of objection have been filed with the City of York Council. Residents cite a number of issues that substantiate their rejection—namely, serious concern for animal welfare; the impact of noise, smell, and light pollution on human health; and groundwater contamination, amongst others. Only two residents filed letters in support of the factory farm, stating it would create construction jobs. The City of York Council rejected the farm’s plan for construction due to its proximity to the Rufforth Airfield and its potential for hindering visibility for airplanes flying in the area. Stateside, residents and officials in Boardman, OR cited similar concerns about plans to open Lost Valley Ranch—a 30,000 cow mega-dairy which plans to replace the city’s iconic poplar tree farm.

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