DIY Vegan Shampoo Pops Up in NYC

DIY Vegan Shampoo Pops Up in NYC

Candy-hued, oil-scented shampoos and conditioners, personalized to hair and scalp type—and made with zero cruelty—hit New York City today.


Vegan haircare company Function of Beauty is hosting a customizeable shampoo and conditioner pop-up in New York City from November 11 to 16. Normally only available online, the company’s unique haircare blends can be crafted to customer specifications based on hair and scalp type, as well as scent and color preferences. During the pop-up, customers are given a quiz to determine their optimal blend—which includes questions about hair type, structure, and goals, as well as scalp moisture. Available fragrances (which can be limited by strength preferences) include sandalwood violet, grapefruit hibiscus, and cucumber mint. Each customized shampoo and conditioner is mixed on-site with a choice of six candy-colored hues, and comes free of parabens, sulfates, and toxins. Function of Beauty offers two sizes—eight- and 16-ounce—which can be mixed and matched to fit disproportional uses of shampoo compared to conditioner. Function of Beauty is yet another creative vegan brand in the cruelty-free beauty industry, which also includes Brija Cosmetics’ Gilmore Girls eyeshadow and Storybook’s Harry Potter-themed makeup brushes.

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