Dutch Minister to Visit California to Talk Veganism

Martijn van Dam will tour Impossible Foods and Perfect Day in an effort to strengthen collaboration on climate-friendly foods.


Dutch Minister of Agriculture Martijn van Dam will visit California from November 27 to 30 to meet with key individuals in the agricultural sector, university officials, and plant-based Silicon Valley food startups—including Impossible Foods and Perfect Day. “Our cooperation bears fruit for the Netherlands, California, and the United States,” van Dam said. Both areas of the world have made substantial advancements in developing climate-friendly foods and policies. The first cultured meat patty was developed in 2013—funded by Google co-founder Sergey Brin, along with professor at Maastricht University in the Netherlands Mark Post. This year, the Dutch government placed an historic limit on meat consumption—recommending citizens limit their intake to no more than 17-ounces per week—as part of its dietary guidelines. In Silicon Valley, companies such as Impossible Foods—which debuted its Impossible Burger at several restaurants nationwide this year—have made progress in bringing meat alternatives to the public. “The Netherlands and California are recognized for innovation and agricultural technology,” van Dam said. “Both know the critical importance of information sharing and partnership to strengthen innovation in startups and in the agricultural sector.” This cross-global collaboration indicates that progress toward curbing climate change through innovation in food technology remains strong, despite the potential challenges set forth by the current United States political climate.

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