How to Take Action for Animals Post-Election

How to Take Action for Animals Post-Election

The Dodo created a list of animal-rights organizations readers can support during this time of uncertainty.


Animal-centric website The Dodo published a list of organizations to help readers take action for animals, post-election. With the uncertainty of how a Trump presidency will affect the wellbeing of animals and the environment, endangered species policy director at Center for Biological Diversity Brett Hartl says, “Given the threats we face, and specifically threats to the rule of law and the preservation of the environmental laws themselves, nonprofit advocacy groups are needed now more than ever.” The Dodo advises readers to donate to animal-focused legal group The Animal Legal Defense Fund, wildlife conservation group Born Free USA, animal-rights group the Humane Society of the United States, and several others that continue to make strides for the welfare of animals around the world.

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