Internet Celebrates World Vegan Day

From recipes to advice on going vegan, the web is abuzz with vegan activity.


Today is World Vegan Day and the internet is buzzing with recipes, advice, and op-eds to promote the holiday. World Vegan Day—which happens on the first of November every year to kick off World Vegan Month—was launched in 1994 by United Kingdom-based animal-rights organization The Vegan Society. NBC News celebrated by deferring to vegan activist Tracye McQuirter who gave six tips on going vegan, including keeping a stash of your favorite plant-based snacks at work to avoid eating animal products when vegan food is unavailable. Metro created an informative chart about all things vegan which urges readers to “swap that steak for seitan,” and includes informative facts about world vegan populations, the reasons behind going vegan, the environmental benefits of eating plant-based, and graphs featuring the growing global trend of veganism. Travel media outlet TimeOut London points out the best places to eat in London on World Vegan Day, while Ventures Africa takes a closer look at veganism as a growing trend in Nigeria. Happy World Vegan Day!