Meatless Options at Restaurants Will Boom in 2017

Analysts predict chefs will continue to experiment with vegetables and plant-based proteins next year.


New York-based food consulting firm Baum + Whiteman (BW) released their annual food trends report for 2016, and the firm predicted the popularity of non-animal protein and vegetables will continue to grow on restaurant menus. Due to ever increasing demand for plant-based alternatives to meat, BW says, “We’ve reached a tipping point for vegetables,” adding, “They’re pushing animal protein to the side of the plate … or entirely off it.” BW calls this trend “root to stem” dining and names several restaurants—including Philadelphia-based vegan eatery Vedge—as early adopters of the trend. In conjunction with several market research reports that predict an exponential growth of vegan milk, meat, egg replacer, and packaged goods industries in coming years, 2017 will be a great year for plant-based dining.

Photo courtesy of Impossible Foods

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