Men's Club Hunts for NYC's Best Veggie Burger

Men’s Club Hunts for NYC’s Best Veggie Burger

Exclusive men’s group Gotham Burger Social Club will seek out the best plant-based burger, starting with The Guac Burger at by CHLOE.


Gotham Burger Social Club (GBSC)—a group of 17 men who work in finance, some on Wall Street—will be searching for the best veggie burger in New York City for the month of November. In partnership with the Meatless Monday campaign, GBSC will visit four restaurants to sample their veggie burger offerings and post a review on their Instagram account every Monday until November 28, when they will announce the winning burger. GBSC was founded by Mike Puma in 2013 as an exclusive club for burger connoisseurs. Puma was prompted to extend GBSC’s burger hunt after sampling a plant-based burger at vegetarian restaurant Superiority Burger last year. “Understanding how too much animal protein can have adverse effects on our bodies and the environment is important,” Puma tells VegNews. “That’s why we are excited to work with Meatless Mondays.” Since its launch in 2003, the Meatless Monday movement has attracted global participants with varied dietary habits in search of a way to reduce their meat consumption. The club will begin its quest for the best veggie burger in New York City at the Flatiron district location of famed vegan restaurant by CHLOE, where the group is excited to sample The Guac Burger.

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