NBA’s Wilson Chandler Goes Vegan … Then Goes Fishing

Denver Nuggets’ basketball player adopts a plant-based diet, but not a cruelty-free lifestyle.


National Basketball Association (NBA) player Wilson Chandler revealed in an interview that he adopted a vegan diet last summer after a hip injury. “I think it was just about being health-conscious, and then I was just reading a lot and I watched a few documentaries,” Chandler said before pointing to his avoidance of GMOs as the main reason for the shift. In the same interview, Chandler spoke about his recent fishing trip wherein he filmed a video of him catching a giant grouper. “I had a great time, so I just want to do it a few more times in the off-season,” Chandler said. Fellow athletes such as football player David Carter, Olympian Dotsie Bausch, and former NBA-player John Salley have all chosen to go vegan by eschewing all forms of animal exploitation, not just those tied to diet.