New Yorker Files $5 Million Lawsuit for Beef Found in Fries

New Yorker Files $5 Million Lawsuit for Beef Found in Fries

Vegetarian sued Buffalo Wild Wings upon discovering undisclosed beef tallow in French fries.


New Yorker Alexa Borenkoff filed a class-action lawsuit on November 2 against chain restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings. Borenkoff was prompted to file the suit—in which she demands $5 million in damages—after discovering that the restaurant failed to disclose the presence of beef in their vegetarian items. “Buffalo Wild Wings does not list beef tallow as an ingredient, disclose its use on the menu, or reference using beef tallow,” the suit states. The vegetarian consumed French fries and mozzarella sticks at two New York locations of the restaurant last year before discovering the presence of beef fat. This week, Wall Street’s financial news outlet The Street advised investors to “avoid [Buffalo Wild Wings’] stock like the plague,” due to the company’s drop in sales by 3.5-percent weekly. In addition to Buffalo Wild Wings, competitor restaurants—including McDonald’s, where brand executives reported that only one in five millennials have ever tried a Big Mac—have experienced stagnant sales, while those that have heeded increased customer demand for meat-free options (such as Pret a Manger) continue to thrive.

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