Plant-Based Diet Improves Prostate Cancer

Plant-Based Diet Improves Prostate Cancer

Patients with prostate cancer report improvement in quality of life on plant-based diet and exercise regimen.


New research on prostate cancer was recently presented at the American Institute for Cancer Research’s Conference in Washington, DC. Researchers at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center divided 32 men currently undergoing prostate cancer treatment into two groups. One group was assigned a plant-based diet and exercise regimen while the other was given standard care. In addition to reporting an overall improvement in their quality of life, after the three-month study period the men on the plant-based diet were able to walk one-quarter mile up to four times faster than the control group. Plant-based patients also lost an average of four pounds, while the control group gained one-percent body fat. A 10-year study published early this year revealed that consuming a plant-based diet slashes the risk of developing prostate cancer by 33-percent.

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