Prêt a Manger Debuts Vegan Christmas Item

Prêt a Manger Debuts Vegan Christmas Item

Very Merry Christmas Lunch Baguette is the newest addition to the eatery’s venture into animal-free offerings.


Global restaurant chain Prêt a Manger revealed its 2016 Christmas Menu, and—for the first time—introduced an all-vegan option. The Very Merry Christmas Lunch Baguette is layered with grilled carrots, parsnip puree, crispy onions, Pret’s festive chutney, a handful of toasted pistachios, and watercress served on a stone-baked baguette. This new addition is in line with Pret’s recent exploration of vegetarian and vegan options. The eatery launched an all-vegetarian pop-up in London last year, and CEO Clive Schlee decided to keep the shop open indefinitely after profits surged by 100-percent beyond his expectations. Schlee announced in September that “Veggie Pret” received an outpouring of support. “We have had over 20,000 customer comments in the past twelve weeks, and many of you have offered heartfelt thanks to Pret for making a bold move,” Schlee said. “Even Sir Paul McCartney emailed.” Profits at the eatery were attributed to its vegan items, particularly desserts such as vegan Cacao & Orange Pot and a chocolate-coconut bar, which Schlee said sold five times faster than desserts containing animal products. The new cruelty-free Christmas sandwich will be available at select United Kingdom locations through the end of December.

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