Rise in Veganism Stunts Growth of Sugary Milk

Rise in Veganism Stunts Growth of Sugary Milk

Researchers identify the booming vegan population as one of three trends limiting the profits of the flavored milk industry.


A report compiled by market research firm Technavio identified three trends that are impacting the global growth of flavored dairy milk. The report identified two trends that will bolster the flavored milk industry, including innovation in flavors, and packaging that enhances shelf life. The last trend—the rise of veganism—was identified as a hinderance to the growth of the dairy industry. In an analysis of the report, financial media outlet Business Wire credited the growth of the vegan population as the reason behind a 25-percent decrease in milk consumption—flavored or otherwise—in Canada in 2015, stating, “People are adopting vegan diets as a result of the ethical concern toward animals.” Despite the impact created by the growth of the vegan population, the report predicts that the flavored milk industry will grow by four-percent annually between 2016 and 2020, an increase driven by the sales of flavored milk to children. The Los Angeles Unified School District lifted a 2011 ban on sugary milk drinks last month in order to coerce children to drink more dairy.

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