Shakey's Partners With Quorn to Offer Meatless Pizza

Shakey’s Partners With Quorn to Offer Meatless Pizza

The chain will now offer two meatless pizzas in all 177 locations in the Philippines.


United States-based pizza chain Shakey’s partnered with meat alternative company Quorn to develop two meatless pizzas for its 177 locations throughout the Philippines. “We always think of the customers’ evolving needs and eating habits,” Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures, Inc. President Vicente Gregorio said. “With Shakey’s Quorn pizzas, we are catering to the growing number of guests looking for healthier food options that also taste good.” United Kingdom-based Quorn—which uses mushroom derivative mycoprotein to create soy-free meat alternatives—was acquired by Philippines-based company Monde Nissin for $830 million last year. After the acquisition, Quorn expanded its product line in the United Kingdom to include more vegan options—such as chicken nuggets, filets, and soups—and announced plans to introduce more vegan products to the United States market in the future.

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