Vegan Burger Has More Iron Than Beef

Vegan Burger Has More Iron Than Beef

Iron content in Beyond Burger wins over beef, according to the popular magazine, Men’s Journal.


A recent feature in popular magazine Men’s Journal compared the nutritional content of vegan burgers Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger to that of beef patties. “The plant-based burgers score better than beef on a couple of nutrition measures,” writer Gabrielle Lemonier states, before touting the lack of cholesterol in meat alternatives, and revealing that the Beyond Burger contains more essential mineral iron—the nutrient commonly absent in those with anemia. Lemonier also points out that both vegan burgers do not contain antibiotics, nor have they been linked to cancer—two negative health implications commonly present with animal-based counterparts. Both Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat—the companies behind these vegan burgers—have recently expanded their availability to high-end restaurants, fast-casual chains, and even the meat department of Whole Foods Markets across the country, all in an effort to provide a variety of customers with an ethical, environmentally-friendly, and healthier option.

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