Vegan Iron Chef Hosts DIY Date Night

Guests will learn how to prepare a vegan Italian American holiday spread in time for Christmas.


Nonprofit vegan organization Vegan Iron Chef is hosting a DIY Date Night event in Portland, OR on December 9. The event will feature live cooking demos, stories and tips about creating an Italian American holiday dinner without animal products. Guests will learn how to make dishes such as Winter Bruschetta, Spaghetti Bolognese with a Toasted Pumpkin Seed-Hemp Parmesan, a Limoncello-inspired dessert, and cocktails featuring Portland Soda Works syrup. “We want to show cruelty-free cuisine as empowering, inspiring, and exciting,” Vegan Iron Chef Arts Director Jules DeNoto says. Past Vegan Iron Chef events have included the “Summer of Brunch” series, VeganMacShowCase, and nationwide competitions modeled after the popular Iron Chef television series.

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