Vegan “Piecaken” is a Thing for Thanksgiving

Three accidentally vegan pies baked inside vegan cake and topped with vegan frosting is a creation to be thankful for.


The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals created praiseworthy “piecaken” to help celebrate Thanksgiving, sans animal products. The recipe utilizes three “accidentally vegan” pies easily found in supermarkets nationwide—Cherry Crunch Pie by Marie Callender’s, and Lattice Apple Pie and Razzleberry Pie by Claim Jumper—which are baked according to box directions before being placed in three tins filled with cake batter (prepared from Duncan Hines cake mix with VeganEgg by Follow Your Heart, used in place of eggs). The “piecaken” is prepared by stacking the three baked cake layers, frosting them with one of three vegan Duncan Hines frostings—Cream Cheese, Classic Chocolate, or Classic Vanilla. This creation is proof that Thanksgiving indulgence can be completely cruelty-free.

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