Vegan Protein Draws Millennials to Fast Food

QSR Magazine points to plant-protein as a tool for bringing millennials to quick-service restaurants.


Industry publication QSR Magazine—which covers news related to quick-service restaurants—advised its readership to consider including plant-based proteins on their menus. “Led by a desire for sustainability and more healthful eating,” QSR states, “Americans are discovering they can get plenty of protein without eating meat or seafood.” An estimated 37-percent of consumers between the ages of 25 and 39 request plant-based protein options and the magazine points to several eateries—such as by CHLOE, Veggie Grill and Shouk—that have found successes in addressing those demands. The magazine further delves into the growing popularity of vegetables and grains as protein substitutes, especially quinoa—which has grown by 62-percent across quick-service restaurant menus in the last three years. Gardein, Impossible Foods, and Morningstar Farms are all mentioned as companies producing meat replacements suitable for use on restaurant menus. Given the large opportunity to capture a customer-base that is increasingly concerned about the health, environment, and the ethical impact of eating meat, QSR advises, “Limited-service restaurants are positioned to take advantage of this, in part because young folks are used to eating in that environment.”

Photo courtesy of Veggie Grill