Vegan Rescues 100-Year-Old Giant Lobster

Nova Scotia woman bought “King Louie” for $230 and promptly released him back into the waters where he was caught.


Vegan Nova Scotia resident Katie Conklin rescued “King Louie”—a 23-pound lobster believed to be 100-years-old—from New Brunswick store Alma Lobster Shop. Shop co-owner Catherine MacDonald says the rare lobster became an attraction after people expressed interest in mounting the animal and using him as a promotional prop for their businesses. Luckily, Conklin acted fast and paid $230 for King Louie and released him back into Bay of Fundy, where he was caught several days prior by local fishermen. Given King Louie’s size, MacDonald commented, “There was nothing else that was going to be a predator—except man.” King Louie is the most recently rescued lobster in Canada. This summer, vegan Christine Longhead rescued lobster Lobby Joe from a tank in Ontario and spent more than $300 to transport him to the ocean in Halifax. One month later, Canadian monks released 600 pounds of lobsters off the coast of the Wood Islands after purchasing them from local vendors on Prince Edward Island.

Photo courtesy of Alma Lobster Shop

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