Fake Study Spreads Rumor that Veganism is Expensive

Bogus coupon website takes another stab at spreading false research to drive web traffic.


United Kingdom-based coupon website VoucherCodesPro claims that it conducted a survey revealing Britons who adhere to specific diets—including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free—spend £2,000 ($2457) more annually on food. Media outlet The Standard UK published a feature using the “study” as fact, however, no evidence of the referenced study exists on the coupon company’s site, suggesting that the company is using buzzwords to generate traffic. Last year, VoucherCodesPro pulled a similar stunt with a bogus study that claimed one-third of vegetarians consume meat when they are intoxicated. That unsubstantiated study was published by a slew of reputable media outlets including Vice, The Independent, USA Today, Mother Jones, amongst others. When it comes to who spends more on food, according to research compiled by Ethical Ocean, meat-eaters spend $14.65 daily while vegans only spend $11.15.

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