Forbes Names Vegan Fashion a Winter Travel Trend

Cruelty-free menswear is on-trend for cold weather travel.

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A recent feature published by media outlet Forbes focused on the growing trend of men’s cruelty-free fashion. Writer Jim Dobson says vegan fashion is gaining traction with designers moving away from fur, down, and leather due to cruelty-free demands from animal protection groups. “There are remarkable gains in developing new vegan textiles,” Dobson said. He illustrates this trend by highlighting faux leather shoes and tote bags by New York-based Brave Gentleman; faux leather shoes by French luxury brand Galet; a faux fur sleeping bag by Fabulous Furs; goose down-alternative jackets by Nobis; and vegan boots by Dr. Martens, amongst others. Dobson predicts that the future of vegan fashion is bright, given Stella McCartney’s recent announcement of her forthcoming vegan menswear line.

Photo courtesy of Nobis