Forbes Praises Vegan Lube Company

Good Clean Love gets the attention of noteworthy publication for its work toward eliminating animal testing of sex products.


A recent feature in media outlet Forbes highlighted vegan company Good Clean Love. Writer Janet Burns discussed the company’s cruelty-free, female-engineered sexual health products which received a patent for their formulation this month. Good Clean Love is dedicated to creating a lubricant that works with the female body, promoting comfort and PH balance, without ever testing on animals. Burns points out that the vegan company has made strides in advocating for the ban of testing sex products on animals through its partnership with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals—namely coercing the Food and Drug Administration to allow one of two tests previously required to be conducted on animals to instead use a human tissue model. Good Clean Love products are currently available in 10,000 retailers nationwide including Target, Safeway, and Whole Foods Market, amongst others.