GT's Kombucha Acquires Vegan Kefir and Yogurt Brand

GT’s Kombucha Acquires Vegan Kefir and Yogurt Brand

Fermented brands merger expected to help CocoKefir and CoyoYO attain nationwide distribution.


Millenium Products, Inc.—parent company of fermented foods brand GT’s Kombucha—recently acquired vegan brand Tula’s CocoKefir, which also produces coconut-based yogurt CocoYo. “I have an affinity for fermented foods‎ which is not limited to just kombucha,” GT’s Kombucha founder GT Dave said. “I’ve been personally consuming Coconut Water Kefir for many years now and always knew it would become a part of our family of products.” Tula’s ferments the water from young coconuts to create its probiotic-rich CocoKefir beverages in three flavors—Cocoa, Pure, and Matcha. The company also makes CocoYo, a vegan yogurt made from coconut meat and water with added vegan cultures. During the acquisition, competitor Lifeway Kefir—which uses animal milk in its formulations—filed a lawsuit against Millennium Products, Inc., claiming that its vegan products violated the standard of identity of kefir. On December 14, a judge granted the defendant’s motion to dismiss the suit.

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