Marine Animal Park Charged with Five Counts of Cruelty

Marine Animal Park Charged with Five Counts of Cruelty

Ontario SPCA charged aquatic park Marineland with several counts of cruelty for abusive treatment of peacocks, guinea hens, and black bears.


The Ontario arm of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) charged area aquatic park Marineland with five counts of animal cruelty on Friday under the Ontario SPCA Act. During a recent visit to the marine park, the animal welfare organization found a peacock in distress, neglected guinea hens, and malnourished black bears. The OSPCA did not have the authority to remove the animals in question, however, the organization continues to monitor Marineland to ensure the charges are addressed. “Reports of animal cruelty are taken very seriously,” OSPCA’s Senior Inspector Steve Toy says. “When we receive reports of cruelty that involve wildlife or exotic animals, we will utilize our experts as well as industry experts to assist us with our investigation.” While United States-based SeaWorld has received extensive attention for continued mistreatment of marine animals, these charges extend the conversation to all companies that benefit from the exploitation of animals for entertainment.

Photo courtesy of Negative-G

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