People Will Eat More Plants, Less Meat, in 50 Years

People Will Eat More Plants, Less Meat, in 50 Years

Food trend analysts at National Restaurant News predict that human diets will lean toward plants in the future.


A new report published by trade outlet National Restaurant News (NRN) projected the composition of the human diet in 50 years and found that it will be much more plant-based. Analysts used current food trends to inform their predictions and listed improvements in medical science and technology as factors that will affect what humans eat. “As the world grows more crowded,” NRN’s Senior Food Editor Bret Thorn said, “we’ll be eating fewer animals and more plants.” While Thorn goes on to list insects as a potential diet trend, his theory of moving toward a more plant-based diet is vastly supported by other recent food trend reports. In August, Grand View Research predicted that the dairy-free milk market is expected to reach $35 billion by 2024. Shortly thereafter, research firms such as Technavio and Mintel released their year-end reports, which predicted various segments of the vegan industry—including egg replacer, plant-based meat, packaged goods, and restaurant options—to substantially grow in coming years as consumers continue to demand healthier, more ethical, and environmentally friendly options.

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