Rob Zombie Makes Vegan Stocking Stuffer for Christmas

Rob Zombie Makes Vegan Stocking Stuffer for Christmas

The heavy metal musician stuffs a black stocking with vegan lollipops, chocolate bars, meat-free jerky, and lots of spooky holiday cheer.


Vegan heavy metal musician Rob Zombie—of White Zombie fame—created a personalized vegan stocking stuffer this Christmas. In partnership with the People for the Ethical Treatment, the musician stuffed the “spooky” black holiday stocking with a wide array of vegan treats such as Chic-a-Peas Baked Crunchy Chickpeas, Louisville Vegan Jerky, black and white candy canes and lollipops, and a chocolate bar by Rescue Chocolate. In a promotional video, Zombie unpacks the contents of the stocking—which also includes a commemorative, color-changing mug autographed by Zombie himself—and states, “Buy this to help some[one] besides yourself.” This summer, the musician voiced an animated character in the “Vegans” episode of the Adult Swim show Mr. Pickles.

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