Tesla Expands Vegan Interiors to All Models

CEO Elon Musk’s preferred cruelty-free interior is now the main option the company offers.


Car company Tesla Motors announced that it will now offer vegan interiors for all its car models. The company first introduced the “vegan ultra white” as a stock option in the electric utility vehicle Model X last January. After its introduction—which was petitioned for by vegan Tesla shareholders—CEO Elon Musk raved about the cruelty-free material, stating that “the white interior is the best.” According to Musk, the car company is now making all portions of their vehicles in-house—a departure from traditional companies that typically outsource the production of parts and interiors. Tesla has also discontinued all but one of its animal-based interior options. Other car makers—including Ferrari and Bentley—are considering high-quality vegan interiors for their car models.

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