Trump's Sons Sell VIP Hunting Trips for $1 Million

Trump’s Sons Sell VIP Hunting Trips for $1 Million

Donald Jr. and Eric are commissioning a hunting and fishing package at their father’s inauguration party to raise money for dubious conservation efforts.

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Media outlet TMZ obtained an invitation to an “Opening Day” party to be held on January 21, 2017—the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration as President of the United States. The hunting-themed invitation was created by fundraising firm The McIntosh Company and lists several packages guests can purchase for the party. The invitation ask guests to “join us as we celebrate the great American tradition of outdoor sporting, shooting, fishing, and conservation,” and the most expensive package—“The Bald Eagle,” valued at $1 million—includes a multi-day fishing and hunting excursion for four with the president-elect’s sons, Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump. The invitation states that net proceeds from the event will be donated to conservation charities, the names of which are not listed. In addition to this blatant disregard for animal-rights, during his presidency, Trump announced plans to appoint known deniers of climate change and fast food company CEOs to positions of power.

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