Undercover Mexican Slaughterhouse Footage Released

Animal-rights organization Mercy for Animals uncovers rampant animal cruelty in its first undercover investigation into Mexican slaughterhouses.


Animal-rights organization Mercy for Animals (MFA) released its most recent undercover investigation on November 30. MFA partnered with international animal protection group Animal Equality (AE) to set up surveillance cameras in government-owned slaughterhouses across 11 municipalities in Mexico. The groups captured harrowing footage of animals being shocked with electric prongs on their faces, workers wrapping chains around animals’ legs and stringing them upside down, and animals being scalded alive and stabbed repeatedly before languishing for extended periods of time, eventually choking on their own blood and vomit. MFA’s Vice President of Investigations Lindsay Wolf says Mexican laws are lax on animal treatment. “This blatant animal abuse has no place in a civilized society and does not reflect the values of the majority of Mexican people who care about the welfare of animals,” Wolf told VegNews. Both MFA and AE are calling on the federal government of Mexico to pass protective legislation that would require rendering animals insensible prior to slaughter. Earlier this year, MFA’s Vice President in Mexico Blanka Alfaro Pola was successful in thwarting the “Animal Protection Act” in Nuevo Leon, Mexico which, despite its name, would have left countless farm and companion animals unprotected.

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