Vegan Art Exhibit Examines How Humans Bully Animals

Claude Jones’ anthropomorphized bulldogs act out human behaviors on canvas to demonstrate the abuse and exploitation animals endure.


A solo art exhibit entitled “Bully” by New Zealand-born vegan artist Claude Jones debuts today at the Artereal Gallery in Sydney, Australia. Jones’ artworks feature bulldogs acting out exploitative human behaviors on other animals such as rabbits, horses, and bulls. Jones went vegan six years ago after adopting a kitten named “Laska” who reminded the artist of her love for animals. “My art references the happy mythology of children’s books illustrations,” Jones tells VegNews, “and employs irony to examine our complex, and contradictory relationships with other animals—raising questions about justice, ethics, and human accountability.” Through her art, Jones aims to inspire more people to leave animals off their plates, avoid products tested on animals, and shun animal attractions such as circuses, aquatic shows, and horse and dog races. Jones is also one of 10 Queensland artists chosen to participate in touring exhibition, “Animal Fanfair,” with viewing dates in several locations through April, 2017. The “Bully” exhibit will be available for viewing until December 22, 2016.

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