Vegan Victoria's Secret Model Dispels Protein Myth

Vegan Victoria’s Secret Model Dispels Protein Myth

Bridget Malcolm—who walked the runway in the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show—dishes about how she gets her protein.


Vegan Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm discussed her diet in a recent post on her blog Bridget Bites. Malcolm—who walked in the prestigious Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year—answered the age-old question, “Where do you get your protein?” The 25-year-old says she gets plenty of protein from a daily plant-based shake for breakfast, and states, “It is a myth that we need huge amounts of it to stay healthy and thriving,” adding, “a myth that is killing the general population slowly.” Malcolm says she doesn’t pay much attention to protein intake as vegetables contain higher amounts of the nutrient than most believe, and lists tempeh, nuts, lentils, and tofu as some of her favorite protein sources. Vegan professional models are becoming more outspoken about their compassionate convictions. Last month, Scottish model Ruby Jean Wilson walked out of a photoshoot after learning the client wanted her to model fur.

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