World’s First Vegan Fried Chicken Joint Opens in London

Watch out KFC—there’s a cruelty-free chicken shop coming to town.


London-based vegan company Temple of Seitan will launch the world’s first all-vegan shop dedicated to fried chicken this January, in the Hackney borough. The blogger behind Fat Gay Vegan, Sean O’Callaghan, broke the story and praised the company’s offerings, stating “There is world class and then a little higher up in the clouds, there is Temple of Seitan.” Company founder Rebecca McGuinness said she was inspired to open the shop due to lack of cruelty-free chicken options. “There are so many chicken shops in London so we felt that if there was a vegan alternative,” McGuinness says, “it may persuade people to give it a go, and if they liked it maybe they would change their minds about what they perceive vegan food to be.” The shop will feature fried seitan-based chicken available in buckets, sandwiches, and as a topping for mac n’ cheese. Prior to opening their shop, Temple of Seitan will serve its crispy creations at a stall in the Vegan Christmas Market on December 17 in London. Stateside, several vegan chicken options are available at eateries nationwide including the Fried Chicken Basket at Doomie’s Home Cookin’ in Los Angeles, CA, Cauliflower Chicken and Waffles at City O’ City in Denver, CO, and Crispy Hip City Ranch at HipCityVeg in Philadelphia, PA, to name a few.

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