Britain's Biggest Award Show Offers Vegan Menu

Britain’s Biggest Award Show Offers Vegan Menu

BAFTAs to provide a vegan menu for Britain’s best in television and film.

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The British Academy of Film and Television Arts—or BAFTA (the United Kingdom’s answer to the Academy Awards)—will for the first time be serving an entirely vegan menu alongside its traditional menu for attendees and honorees. Citing a boom in interest surrounding vegan diets amongst celebrities and in general, the plant-based menu will include peppers roasted over English Beachwood, leek, and wild mushrooms; pickled heritage carrots with poppy seed dressing and beetroot gel; aubergine tian with peppers, chestnut mushrooms, herb crust, tomato salsa, leaf spinach, and rosemary potatoes; and black and white quinoa with radish, lemon, and avocado. “If there were an award for mouthwatering vegan catering, the BAFTAs would be a tough nominee to beat,” People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals associate director Elisa Allen said. “Attendees are in for a treat. “We commend the BAFTAs for taking heed: more and more people are eating vegan to avoid health problems while helping animals and the environment, too.”

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