Brits Turn Backs on Cancer-Causing Meats

Brits Turn Backs on Cancer-Causing Meats

New findings show nearly a third of British eaters are reducing their meat consumption.


A new survey has revealed that British eaters are increasingly turning their backs on meat, following last year’s World Health Organization report categorizing processed meat as cancer-causing carcinogens, alongside cigarettes, arsenic, and asbestos. Results found that of the nearly 3,000 participants surveyed, almost a third said they had reduced their meat consumption in the past year, while nine percent were considering cutting out meat completely. “A significant number of people in Britain, amounting to many millions, told us that they have reduced their meat consumption over the past 12 months,” Ian Simpson, NatCen Social Research—the institute that conducted the survey—said. “Many people are clearly concerned about eating too much meat, and the primary driver of this concern appears to be concerns about health.”

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