<i>Cowspiracy</i> Filmmakers Raise $132k for New Film

Cowspiracy Filmmakers Raise $132k for New Film

What the Health? will uncover the connection between meat-eating, health, and Big Pharma.


Cowspiracy filmmakers Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn rose $132,608 via crowd-funding platform Indiegogo (246 percent more than their initial goal of $54,000) to fund their new film project What the Health? Much like the environmentally focused Cowspiracy that the duo released to much acclaim in 2014, the new film follows Anderson on his quest to uncover health industry secrets and focuses on the business of prescribing medications to treat illnesses related to consuming animal products and processed foods while ignoring—and often discrediting—the curative and preventative benefits of a vegan diet. The duo plans to ask risky questions, conduct insider interviews, and reveal pertinent truths about obesity, diabetes, and heart disease epidemics in the US. Cowspiracy is regarded as one of the most influential environmental films of recent years, and the filmmakers intend for What the Health? to be a combination of their first film and health-focused heavy-hitter vegan documentary Forks Over Knives. Anderson and Kuhn are hopeful to bring this film to life because it’s “an extremely urgent topic that must be exposed to the world and to our loved ones in order to share the truth of what is being hidden from us.”

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