Doritos Launches Ketchup-Chip, Rose-Bouquet Prank

Doritos Launches Ketchup-Chip, Rose-Bouquet Prank

Popular vegan snack creates vegan Valentine’s gift you can’t buy.

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Doritos recently launched a humorous advertisement featuring a Valentine’s Day gift consisting of a dozen vegan ketchup chips fashioned into long stem roses and delivered to your door. While they claim the bouquets are available only for free delivery in certain parts of Canada—specifically Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver—the bouquets are already sold out. Doritos’ website details how to make chip-filled flowers on your own, which promotes customers to buy bags of the ketchup chips. While most Doritos flavors are animal product-based, the vegan ketchup flavor—also made by Ruffles, which recently became available in the US—has a cult following amongst Canadians, which is perhaps the motivation behind creating this over-the-top Valentine’s Day prank.

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