Famed Vegan Chef Hosts 13-Course Pop-Up Dinner in NYC

Jay Astafa will prepare a gourmet vegan menu at Adelina’s in Brooklyn.


On Monday, Adelina’s in Brooklyn, New York will host a pop-up called “Plant” that will consist of a 13-course vegan tasting menu prepared by chef Jay Astafa of Three Brothers Vegan Café—the only vegan restaurant on Long Island. The luxurious meal will include dishes such as tomato tartare with wasabi aioli and black sesame, whimsical miniature pizza boxes, a vegan cheese plate, rosemary-pecan crusted cauliflower, liquid nitrogen chocolate mousse, and rosewater macaroons. Astafa is “obsessed with vegetables” and says that they are “the leading stars in [his] edible productions.” The meal will also include an optional six-glass biodynamic wine pairing. “Plant” is sponsored by US Veg Corp., the company behind New York City’s Vegetarian Food Festival, Vegan Drinks Brooklyn, and vegan food competitions across New York City.

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