Second New Vegan Oreo Flavor Announced

Second New Vegan Oreo Flavor Announced

Fresh off last month’s cinnamon bun-flavored reveal, a new chocolate-filled-cupcake edition is hitting shelves next week.

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Just a few weeks after announcing its newest, permanent cinnamon bun-flavored addition to its product line, Oreo revealed another limited-edition vegan flavor: chocolate-filled cupcake. Described as “a rich, chocolatey treat featuring a dollop of creme filling wrapped into a crunchy cookie exterior,” the newest flavor debuted yesterday morning at a New York City pop-up “Oreo Wonder Vault”—a cookie-shaped hatch door that reveals a secret room fitted with a whimsical conveyor belt that delivers a small box of the new treats straight into the hands of passersby. Oreo fans not in New York needn’t worry, as the new cookie will hit store shelves nationwide Monday. The Wonder Vault is part of a year-long promotion that will see the company release a new flavor each month—the company also revealed that as many as 50 prototype flavors can be in the Wonder Vault at any time.

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