UK Wastes 34,000 Metric Tons of Beef Annually

While British meat consumption is down, food waste continues to be a problem.


A recent food waste survey by Love Food Hate Waste revealed that households in the United Kingdom throw away 34,000 metric tons of beef every year. The survey revealed that 17 percent of Brits threw away beef because they failed to use it by its expiration date, while nearly one in 10 admitted to tossing meat because they left it uncovered. Beef is a resource-intensive animal product that requires 1,770 gallons of water per pound of beef to produce. Furthermore, according to a United Nations report, beef production contributes more greenhouse gases than all of transportation combined. While it has been reported that UK consumers are eating less meat overall, this study shows that food waste is also a concern when it comes to meeting UK’s 2050 climate change goals.

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