Barcelona: "A Friend of Vegan and Vegetarian Culture"

Barcelona: “A Friend of Vegan and Vegetarian Culture”

Spanish city vows to support vegan and vegetarian businesses, and adhere to Meat-free Mondays.


Barcelona officials voted Tuesday on a proposal brought forth by the Catalan Republican Left party for the city to become “a friend of vegan and vegetarian culture.” The bill—positively received by the ruling party Barcelona en Comú Group—was inspired by Paul McCartney’s plea in a recent campaign video for Meatless Mondays, wherein the famed musician stated, “We encourage people to not eat meat on Monday—or any other day.” According to Spanish news outlet El Pais, Barcelona will “support vegan and vegetarian commerce, publish a list of affiliated stores and restaurants, and adhere to Paul McCartney’s “Meat-Free Monday” campaign.” In 2011, Barcelona held its last bullfight and was a catalyst for other regions in Spain to ban cruel entertainment practices such as bullfights and circuses.

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