<i>Bustle</i> Brings Awareness to Cruelty of Wool

Bustle Brings Awareness to Cruelty of Wool

Media outlet reveals reasons why wool is “cruel, unnecessary, and just plain baaaa-d.”


A recent feature on media outlet Bustle focuses on the cruelty of the wool industry, with vegan writer Rachel Krantz writing that wool production is “anything but harmless.” In an effort to bring awareness to the brutal practices of the wool industry, Krantz says that sheep are gentle and intelligent beings that undergo much pain and suffering during the shearing process—often losing their tails, teats, and ears while shearers work as quickly as possible to obtain the most product. Krantz also points out that a wool-wearing vegetarian is an oxymoron, as lambs are first separated from their mothers during wool production—and painfully castrated if they are male—before being killed for food. Krantz urged readers to transition to the readily available vegan options and remove wool from their closets during this year’s spring-cleaning because “clearly, shearing is not just Lamb Chop getting a haircut.”

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