by CHLOE Restaurants to Open in All 50 States

by CHLOE Restaurants to Open in All 50 States

Popular New York-based vegan restaurant is on track to open in every state by May 1.


In a press release issued yesterday, famed vegan restaurateur Chloe Coscarelli announced plans to open her wildly popular by CHLOE eatery in every state by May 1. By CHLOE’s flagship location in New York City’s West Village opened less than a year ago—with two more New York restaurants, a New York bakery, a Los Angeles outpost, and a restaurant in Boston already in the works—and its unprecedented success has sparked customer demands for by CHLOEs across the nation. Coscarelli answered the call with 48 more restaurants, the first of which will open in Waco, TX on Monday. “This has been such a whirlwind, but I’m loving every minute of it,” Coscarelli said, before adding, “Watch out Puerto Rico, my kale smoothies are heading your way, too!” Coscarelli will embark on a napkin-signing tour this summer once all 53 restaurants are operational, will appear on an upcoming episode of country singer Trisha Yearwood’s Food Network show “Trisha’s Kitchen,” and is currently featured in an eight-page spread in Shape Magazine. When asked how she manages it all, Coscarelli winked and said, “It’s a secret, but it involves kale.”

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