<i>Fast and Furious</i> Actress Goes Vegan

Fast and Furious Actress Goes Vegan

Film series star Michelle Rodriguez is transitioning to a vegan diet after watching a Vice documentary.


Fast and Furious film franchise actress Michelle Rodriguez revealed that she is transitioning to a vegan diet. After watching the most recent episode of Vice-produced documentary show entitled “Meat Hooked and the End of Water,” Rodriguez tweeted, “makes me sad what’s going on in middle America. Glad I’m going vegan.” Rodriguez’s’ announcement sparked many positive responses from her 951,000 Twitter fans, many of whom vowed to transition to veganism in solidarity. In a 2010 interview, Rodriguez admitted she is “disgusted every time I do have a piece of beef,” and while she hesitated to ban meat from her diet initially, the actress transitioned to vegetarianism shortly thereafter. Once she goes vegan, Rodriguez will join the growing list of performers—including Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth—who recently chose compassion over cruelty.