Fox News Sets Up Jackfruit Taste Test with New Yorkers

“I’m a meat lover … but actually, it tastes really good. I’m pretty impressed.”


Fox News recently brought jackfruit to the streets of New York to see if the discerning public would be convinced of the Asian fruit’s meat-like texture and taste. Armed with packages of Upton’s Naturals barbecue-flavored variety, what easily could have been an opportunity for unfamiliar New Yorkers to show disdain for a largely unknown, exotic vegan alternative turned out to be surprisingly positive. “I love actual pork, but this is a really good substitute,” said one taste-tester. “Good! I didn’t know what to expect … but very good,” another said. Overall, of the 10 participants featured in the minute-long video, only one disapproved, remarking on a sour flavor. The others are not alone in their love of jackfruit, as Business Insider last year named the fruit the next “it thing” in cooking.

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