"Free-From" Vegan Ice Cream Shop Hits London

“Free-From” Vegan Ice Cream Shop Hits London

Yorica! is serving ice cream and frozen yogurt that is free from soy, nuts, dairy, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, and gluten.


New London-based vegan ice cream shop Yorica! is serving innovative desserts that are free from major allergens. The shop currently features 12 flavors of frozen yogurt and ice cream made without any soy, nuts, dairy, or wheat. Using a base of rice milk, Yorica!—which touts its creations as “tastier than the real thing with none of the nasties”—serves naturally sweetened, GMO-free desserts such as no-nut peanut butter ice cream, matcha green tea frozen yogurt, and shakes with vegan marshmallow and Oreo toppings. Stateside, vegan ice cream shops such as Seattle’s Cookie Counter and Austin’s Sweet Ritual are answering the growing demand for frozen vegan treats.

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