New Petition Calls for Lisa Simpson to Go Vegan

New Petition Calls for Lisa Simpson to Go Vegan

Famous eight-year-old has been vegetarian for 21 years, and now fans are saying 2016 is the time she goes completely cruelty-free.


A new petition is calling for creators of the famed animated television show The Simpsons to have the character Lisa Simpson go vegan. Matt Hanson of Perth, Western Australia started the petition, which has gathered approximately 4,500 signatures in more than a week. “Lisa has famously been opposed to eating meat, and now could extend that line of thinking towards dairy, eggs, and all animal products,” Hanson said. “The Simpsons is the world’s most popular animated sitcom. To have Lisa go vegan would be a very influential character arc that would spread awareness of veganism—a philosophy that at its core attempts to make the world a better place.” Hanson, himself a new vegan of four months, told Buzzfeed that he knows of many vegetarians who were inspired by Lisa—who went meat-free in a 1995 episode—and whose foray into total animal-product abstinence could have an even stronger impact in the new millennia.

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