Official Oscar After-Party Features Vegan Dessert Buffet

Official Oscar After-Party Features Vegan Dessert Buffet

The Wolfgang Puck-catered event had plenty of vegan options, including a dessert bar, avocado toast, and wild mushroom tacos.

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According to Vogue, attendees at the 88th annual Academy Awards were treated to a vegan-friendly after-party catered by Wolfgang Puck. This year’s Governor’s Ball—the official Oscar dinner party—featured items such as avocado toast with radish, sea salt, and finger lime; root vegetable chips; and taro tacos filled with wild mushrooms. The feast also included an entire vegan dessert bar with cupcakes and cookies. Among the 1,500 attendees was Leonardo DiCaprio, who invested in environmental documentary Cowspiracy and gave a heartfelt acceptance speech on climate change for his Academy Award win. While the 2016 menu did offer meat and dairy items, this year’s menu stands in stark contrast to the gluttonous offerings of last year’s Governor’s Ball—which was made using five kilograms of caviar, 300 whole chickens, 450 quarts of heavy cream, and 5,000 eggs.

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