Tech Insider Reveals Animal Ingredients in Everyday Products

The tech publication takes a look at animal by-products found in soda, alcohol, juice, and sugar.


In a recent feature, tech publication Tech Insider reveals a number of lesser-known animal ingredients lurking in common foods and beverages. The story highlighted more widely known additives such as bone char in sugar, fish bladder-based isinglass in beer, and animal collagen-derived gelatin in marshmallows, gummy bears, and Jell-o. The article also explored the addition of fatty acids extracted from anchovies in orange juice, ground bugs (called “carmine”) as colorants in pink lemonade, and animal fat-derived ester gum in orange soda. The article’s authors suggested readers use tools, such as vegan alcohol tracking app Barnivore, to identify animal-product-free food and drink, adding that food companies are reformulating would-be vegan products because “the vegetarian and vegan market demand is only getting bigger and bigger each year.”

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