Vegan Women Making Waves in Sports

Vegan Women Making Waves in Sports

Vegan female athletes prove that meat is not necessary to achieve greatness.


According to a recent feature on media outlet Moviepilot, “More and more female athletes are turning their back on animal-protein diets and embracing vegan/plant-based foods to power their bodies.” By spotlighting high-profile female vegan athletes, writer Kerry Cepero sets out to prove that people “don’t need to consume animal protein to be an athlete, and you don’t need to take a life to sustain yours.” Cepero spotlights Canadian Olympic figure skater Meagan Duhamel, champion power lifter Melody Schoenfeld, and world record-holding marathon runner Fiona Oakes, all who have accomplished incredible athletic feats without consuming meat or dairy. While occasionally vegan sisters Serena and Venus Williams were featured as well, this collection of notable vegan athletes—in addition to male counterparts such Olympian bobsledder Alexey Voevoda, bodybuilder Barny du Plessis, and world record runner Scott Jurek—proves vegan athletes are formidable competitors in a wide range of sports.

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